The Bosome Freho district’s Department of Agriculture conducted a number of community visits on February 28, 2022, to inform farmers on how to access their produce and income, as well as learn about their total cost of production, the amount of land they cultivate, and whether they utilize mechanized or manual methods of farming.

Farmers were also taught record-keeping techniques, how to use the best agronomic methods they had learned in JICA training fields, the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet, and other related topics. The neighborhoods were Freboye and Anyanso.

The total number of participants from all communities was 9.

This Was done in collaboration with WAPCOS and AEA of the Anyanso operational area.

Expected Outcome & Impact

Through this exercise, it was established that all agricultural activities on rice and maize production were done manually. This impacted negatively on production of the said commodity in the previous year as farmers’ cost of production was very high thus lower yields and less profit realized.

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