In an effort to dispel the false information circulated about the covid-19 vaccine, the National Center for Civic Education (NCCE) embarked on a public education campaign on the administration of the vaccine in twenty (20) Junior high schools on 14th April 2022 with the operational team integrating with students of these schools on the protocols and administration of the Vaccine. Interestingly the students had weird knowledge of the subject because of social media.

During this period the students were advised to share the information with their parents whiles the district awaits patiently for the vaccine to be rolled out for the citizens in the second phase. They complained of a limited number of PPEs and in some cases the need for exercise books however the protocols were strictly adhered to by all the schools.

The district director of NCCE donated eighty (80) pieces of face shields to the schools and further advised them to do proper disposal of face masks as this can create environmental hazards.

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