On Tuesday, October 12, 2023, Hon. Akwasi Darko Boateng, the Member of Parliament for the Bosome Freho Constituency, donated essential medical supplies to the Asiwa Health Center at Asiwa. The purpose of the donation was to improve healthcare services in the community and support the hardworking medical staff in their efforts.


The donation included a variety of medical supplies, including 2 Pulse Oximeters, 4 Oxygen Cylinders, 10 Hospital Bed Mattresses, 16 Fetal Doppler, 7 Salter Hanging Scales, 3 Glucometers, 3 Glucometer Strips, 5 HB meters, 10 Stethoscopes, 5 HB Strips, and other vital supplies that are necessary for the health center’s daily operations.

The District Chief Executive, Hon. Kofi Adu-Amoateng, stated during his brief speech that the Member of Parliament’s donation to the Asiwa Health Center will have a significant positive impact. He said this charitable deed will improve patient treatment, lessen the financial strain on the health facility, and assist the committed medical staff who work tirelessly to serve the community.

The District Health Director , Mrs. Francisca Ahiavi, expressed her gratitude for the donation made by the Member of Parliament. She stated that the support is a significant step in the right direction and will further strengthen the relationship between the MP and the local community. Mrs. Ahiavi also requested the Member of Parliament to continue providing assistance whenever the community is in need.


In conclusion, the Member of Parliament’s donation of medical supplies, and equipment to the Asiwa Health Center is generous. It is expected to enhance healthcare services and improve the local community’s overall well-being.


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