The Bosome Freho District Education Oversight Committee held its regular meeting on Tuesday, 20th December 2022, at the District Assembly Hall. The meeting was chaired by the District Director of Education, Mr. Seth Boateng, and attended by other committee members, including representatives from the Ghana Education Service, District Assembly, Parent-Teacher Associations, School Management Committees, and community leaders.

The meeting discussed various issues affecting education in the district and made decisions on the way forward. Some of the key highlights of the meeting are as follows:

  • Some factors contributing to low proficiency level
  • Some factors contributing to high proficiency level
  • Parents and school level findings
  • National Teaching Standards (NTS) competencies
  • Practices of indiscipline among teachers and learners

The House further discussed on the factors that were negatively affecting the effective teaching and learning and the way forward and urged all stakeholders to get involve in the implementation of the activities set up to overcome the challenges being faced.


Following the presentation, a group work was assigned to participants aiming at identifying some reliable solutions to help mitigate the challenges and set up an improved percentage target from the existing baseline to be worked on. Among the solutions recommended after the group work activities were;

  • Community sensitization and engagement on the importance of education
  • Teacher-Parents collaboration
  • Institution of awards schemes for best contributing communities
  • Capacity building for Learners, SMCs, DEOC, SISOs and all those having oversight responsibilities towards improving teaching and learning outcome
  • Monitoring and supervision to be intensify to include other tricking officers
  • Organization of inter-circuit quiz on PLC sessions
  • Frequent use of the English language to communicate with learners among others.

The District Director of Education was grateful for the survey result presented as it depicts the exact situation the directorate was embattled with and urged all personnel under his directorates to let their various endeavors impacted positively on the learning outcomes of the people they serve. He was much convinced that the baseline survey result as presented, has seen some improvement as per the current academic status, due to GES and T-TEL’s interventions.

Members agreed to the fact that the strategies and recommendations as outlined, when well implemented, would go a long way to reverse the baseline result and meet the new percentage target set.


The Head of the Implementation Team, Mr. Asabere Anni, briefed Members on the activity outline for the 3rd quarter which commenced from December 1st 2022 and end on February 29th 2023. Some of the pending activities to be carried out involves;

  • Training programme on Counselling and Guidance
  • Sensitization on Teenage Pregnancy
  • Procurement of furniture for upper primary and JHS of which the procurement processes were on-going
  • Literacy training for all Learners
  • GES/TE-TEL to organize training workshop for SMCs, SISO and other concerned officers

With regards to the approval made for the purchase of TLRs to enhance learning transformation for pupil at KG, the Officer mentioned that the technical team would soon commence the monitoring activities to identify the required materials needed. Members deliberated further on the proposed activities and subsequently, advised the District Education Directorates to as early as possible, cover up with all the necessary processes needed to get the TLRs purchase before next academic calendar begins. The District Education assured the House that as part of the process, a requisition letter would soon be prepared and sent to GES and T-TEL Secretariat for approval. Concerning the sensitization programmes on the teenage pregnancy, the District Director of Health Services was directed to write a proposal for consideration to carry out the activities with the District Education Directorate.

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