The Bosome Freho District Education Oversight Committee held its regular meeting on Tuesday, 16th February 2023, at the District Assembly Hall. The meeting was chaired by the District Director of Education, Mr. Seth Boateng, and attended by other committee members, including representatives from the Ghana Education Service, District Assembly, Parent-Teacher Associations, School Management Committees, and community leaders.

The meeting discussed various issues affecting education in the district and made decisions on the way forward. Some of the key highlights of the meeting are as follows:


The Head of the Implementation Team took Members through some of the activities performed under the CEP initiatives. Among the activities were;

  • Effective Lesson and PLC Observation Training. GES/T-TEL were highly commended for supporting the district directorate to train SISOs, Schedule Officers and other concerned individual to adequately, acquired the knowledge and skills for the PLC sessions and lesson observations. The porogramme was said to be successfully conducted from 10th to 14th January, 2023 at the Asiwa English Assembly Hall. Lesson observation tools was said to have developed were effectively in use. The Committee going forward tasked members of DEOC and Change Leaders to frequently visit the PLC session and report accordingly.
  • Leadership Training. The Committee was informed of effective leadership training organized for Headteachers and Assistant, SMCs as well as ICT teachers district-wide through GES/T-TEL support. Positive impact on collaborative management was said to have been the pivot around which the training was scheduled. Issues such as leadership challenges and ways to address them, gender equality & social inclusion as well as school vision and mission were elaborated.
  • Update on LTA. Members were made to know that revision of the LTAs was still ongoing and would soon be completed as the implementation Team would brief the House on items to be factored for next activities at the next Committee meeting.
  • Procurement of Laptop for NonGalop Schools. As agreed previously for the procurement of an additional seventeen (17) laptops for the Non-Galop schools, the District Director of Education explained the need to increase the quantity requested to twenty-five (25) to cater for the needs of other officers whose inputs were

equally important to support the teaching and learning agenda. The Committee deliberated further on the fact that they were not preview to the additional requirements but agreed and approved on the request.

  • Jolly Phonics Training. Members were informed about the availability of the text books to enhance the early childhood education. Training of teachers at the lower primary was said to be paramount in supporting early reading habit. Members scheduled 23rd and 24th of February, 2023 for the proposed training and tasked the district education directorate to act accordingly.
  • Training of School-based Guidance and Counselling Coordinators. The Committee was informed on plans made on the proposed training to enable the youth acknowledged the impact of schooling which in effect would reduce the social vices being practiced in the district. The Committee however, discussed the impact of collaboration with the district health directorate’s education and sensitization program as proposed earlier on teenage pregnancy and approved the need to have a separate program for in-depth sensitization for the youth. The District Health Directorate was urged to submit their budget proposals for consideration at the next Committee’s meeting


The Head of supervision on behalf of the district education directorate, requested for the Committee’s acceptance to procure three (3) motorbikes to support effective monitoring and supervision at the Asiwa, Anyanso and Dunkura circuits. The sources of funding were curved out of the allocations or budget earmarked for the purchase of textbooks of which has been vied for procurement of TLRs for KG as explained by the Implementation Team. The Committee deliberated extensively on the proposal as was not captured in the CEP’s LTA. The District Officer for T-TEL explains his outfit’s acceptance to the proposals only if the necessary documentations were prepared on time and approved accordingly. The House suspended the proposal to be debated upon and therefore requested for data and further information to inform decision at the next committee’s meeting.


The Committee was informed of the upcoming planning review meeting to be organize by T-TEL headquarters- Accra scheduled for March 7th to 9th, 2023. The composition for the district’s representative was said to be made known in the cause of time. Members were briefed on the purpose of the review meeting and the needed supporting documentation and evidence needed to facilitate the successful presentation by the district. It was recommended for all those matter in this exercise to be ready and collaborative.


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