The Day of the African Child celebration was declared for Sunday, June 16, 2024. Under the guidance of Executive Director Aba Oppong, the Bosome Freho Chapter of Rights and Responsibilities Initiatives Ghana (RRIG) held the district edition at Asiwa Presby Basic School on Thursday, June 20, 2024. The occasion’s theme was “Education for All Children in Africa, The Time is Now.”

In 1991, the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the then OAU instituted the DAC in memory of the 16 June 1976 student uprising in Soweto, South Africa. It aims to commemorate the SOWETO CHILDREN UPRISING IN 176 DURING WHICH THOUSANDS OF SOUTH AFRICA PROTESTED THE APARTHEID GOVERNMENT OF AFRICANS AS THEIR LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION OF BANTUS SCHOOLS.

The uprising began on June 16, 1976. Other issues of importance to the students included Play and Leisure, Child Health Services, Knowledge sharing and Commerce

The occasion was graced by Mr Agyapong Emmanuel Smith who in  his remarks said that this year, the African Committee on Experts on the Rights and Welfare of Children and its partners emphasize that the time for transformational action in education is now under the theme: ‘’Education for all Children in Africa.’’ The Time is now. This is a crucial moment for us to celebrate the children of Africa, evaluate the progress made, and identify opportunities to ensure that, every child’s right to quality education is attained as per SDG 4.

He went on to say that, we stand in solidarity with the rest of the world to observe World Day against child labour which fell on June 12 under the theme: ‘’ Let act on our commitments. End Child Labour.’’

The following are some remarks made by Mr. Agyapong:

Responsibilities of Children in School

  1. Respect their parents/guardians
  2. Respect their teachers
  3. Mutual respect between all children
  4. Avoid child labour
  5. Be regular in school
  6. Eat nutritious meals provided to them by their families/guardians
  7. Avoid early sexual encounters
  8. Write examinations when necessary
  9. Avoid negative social norms that prevent them from achieving academic potential
  10. Avoid alcohol, smoking and use of hard drugs

Aba Oppong, Executive Director of Rights and Responsibilities Initiatives Ghana (RRIG), gave the learners various books and encouraged them to devote themselves fully to their education.


Quality education is every child’s right. Stakeholders must prioritize quality education as per SDG 4 in our communities. However, children also have the responsibility to stay in school and avoid negative social norms and attitudes that will prevent them from achieving their academic potential. ‘’Education for all Children in Africa, The Time is now.” We wish all children in Bosme Freho and Ghana viable economic independence in the future.


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